Paid subscription in the application

I am making an application and there will be a paid subscription for a month. Do I understand correctly

  1. I need to direct users to a page with a subscribe button (a digital product).

  2. When subscribing, will they automatically create an account in the application with their mail that they indicated in Apple or Google?

  3. When paying for a subscription, I update from the account (tick paid) and they get access to the closed part.

  4. Do I need to automatically create a unique ID number for them after payment?

  5. Is it possible to use several subscription plans using Adalo’s standard tools? There seemed to be problems with this. Am I just creating some buttons?

Thanks everyone for your help


  1. If it’s a digital product you will need access to the Beta iAp Subscription plugin. You cannot use Stripe. Submit a support ticket and they may enable this for you. I should add that setting up a Subscription iAp is not as easy as Stripe/One off iAp purchase. There’s a little more in it.

  2. Your app login, and your google play login are generally separate entities, though you may use the sign up with Google or Apple OAuth component, though that only creates a new user in your users collection (for your app) with the Name and Email you provided Google or Apple. They are not linked in the way you are maybe thinking. Apple Login and Google Login remain separate and managed by Apple/Google.

  3. This is totally possible. And there’s several ways to go about it. I personally mostly use Non-Recurring Subscriptions due to the type of Apps I create. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • You can use both iAp Consumable and Non-Renewing. But be careful using consumable for subscription-type purchases.

  • The iAp Consumable cannot be used to deceive the customer or mislead the customer to make it feel like a subscription when it is not.

  • Apple needs to see a list of “Subscriptions” that your app offers, and a list of Subscriptions the logged-in user has purchased. So you are best clearly having two lists for the logged in Users, such as “My Subscriptions” (Filter these by the subscriptions the user has bought) & “All Subscriptions” (Filter these by the subscriptions the user has not bought)

  • For the “All Subscriptions List” set up your iAp Purchase button, and update > logged in user > add current subscription. Name the button something like Subscribe, Purchase or Buy. Clearly define what is being bought, its duration, and what it unlocks. Be sure to update the iAp metadata with a screenshot for their review and for the store promo iAp image.

  • For “My Subscriptions List” i.e. the ones the user has purchased successfully there are a couple of things that were important for Apple review process:

  • Clearly define when the subscription is due to end.

  • Clearly rename the Adalo iAp button with “Restore/Renew” NOT buy or purchase. As this product should be in the user’s previously purchased list, we know that it will also be recognised for the Apple Users account based in the iAp ID that they purchased in the past.

To be double sure, I added the same purchased list into the users settings page, and a clearly defined “Plan End Date”

To recognise if the logged in user is a pro member or not you could do something like the below:

  • Set up an action when a user arrives to the home screen which will redirect (sometimes) if the current users plan end date is before current date.
  • If the user end date has passed they will be redirected to the paywall that I have set up to allow the user to purchase +60 days from today. +90 days +180 days etc or a product that expires on…
  • When the iAp google/Apple payment is successful, I update the current user end date by +60, +90, +180 days from current time (today).

This checking process will then make the user hit a paywall to then manually purchase more days/credits.

To add a trial of 14-30 days, when a user signs up I set user end date by +14 or +30 from today.

Like a lot of things on Adalo there are many ways to do different things, and sometimes it even comes down to personal preference or the payment model they want to go with.

  1. You could as the more data you have will make it easier for disputes etc, rather than going to Apple or Google Play to identify the payment/Subscription.

  2. Yes you can create as many types of subscriptions/purchases as you want. You need to add these in the Google Play Console and also to Appstore Connect with their Unique IDs. Typically I create the same Unique Product ID across both Apple and Google. Then use this Unique ID to create a new “Subscription Collection”.

I’m not going to lie, payments, subscriptions etc in Google are much easier than Apple, there’s a strong chance you will fail the App Submission guidelines, but hang in there, you just gotta fix what they dont like.

There’s a lot in there, but I would suggest plan out your payment model, then referring to the Adalo Documentation. The above are some hurdles I personally had to overcome, maybe some are mitigated since.

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