Subtract days from a date

Hello to all,

I have a question, which I can’t find an answer to.

How can I subtract days from a date inherited by the user?

I’ll give you an example: the user uses the date picker to choose a date.

once this date has been confirmed, the update is performed to save this date.
Later if I then wanted to subtract 10 days from this date which formula should I use?

User: 4/20/2021 must become 4/10/2021.

I specify that the date picker is of type: Date & Time
And another Date & Time will be the field that will receive the new date subtracted by 10 days.

It’s possible? can you help me?
Thank you all

Hi @miticobeppe,

The date in Adalo is stored in the format like: 18566.24152, where integer is number of days since 1/1/1970, and fraction is a “part of the day”.
So if you simply deduct 10 from the date, you’ll get the result you want.


Another way to do this is to subtract or add days in the database.

Choose the date picker and add -10 or +10 to the end of the date picker.


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