1 day difference COPY DAY to PASTE DAY (bug ?)

Does anyone face this ?
Copying from DateCAL field to DateCopy field substract 1 day to the final stored Value :thinking:
*Copy/Paste method

So when using DateCopy as a search field, 24/6/2020 this will too display all 25/6/2020 days…

Does anyone face a similar result - when copying Dates to other properties ?

  • I noticed too that when calculating Date difference you need to add/substract 1 day to find a “logical” result. (depends “how” you are counting:
    i.e. rental car days or slept nites, differs a lil bit in their sum logic)


Capture d’écran de 2020-06-29 17-18-23
Capture d’écran de 2020-06-29 17-20-25

Hi @bibipac how are you copying them? In the database tab of the Adalo editor, or in the preview?

Hi, copying with the DB opened from column to column