Create a date by adding a number of days from a given day

I am having trouble figuring out how I can make a date by adding a number of days to a given date.

i have a form that has several number fields, and i need to take those numbers from the db and make dates by adding the number of days to the base date of the contract to generate those dates.

Any one have an idea on how to acomplish this?

Hi rjp,
have you looked through :

As for basic Calculation, one can use :

  • “red T” button
    -(end of line “Text”)
    then play with Formula Adding values to fields,
    hope it helps
    …as for date, I could not get other results than "xx days ago - instead of a more needed " June 5th "…already posted about, no replies :mask:

Thanks, i have worked with the magic text and formulas, but cant get and date fields to work. Im curently working with airtable to make it work, but hate to have to do so much work for a simple calculation.

…but cant get and date fields to work.
mine works fine, ie today’sdate+30 gives the right results…

What is the formula you are trying to calculate like ?

I need to pull a date from my db and a number from my db and add the two together.

example 10/12/2020 + 14 and get 10/26/2020. but cant a get a long decimal number as the result. if i use the values in the date field to add to a curent date it works fine, but not with two db values.

Can you show what is the result when you use a db value ?
nothing or a number …?

i get a long integer like 14.23485800556

can you change your adding value to 16 for instance …
To see if “14”.*** is related to your 14 days delay ?
You should get 16.**** if so …

Finally, could you get the right formula to your project ?

Have a look @ Help : StarTIME +60 = funny Endtime 🤔 or
How to calculate with days and minutes

no, all i need to do is take a given date from my db and add a number of days from the same db record and come up with a new date .

oh, so …the way Karimoo mentioned did not work for you ?
basicaly you use a converted “all numbers format” dateA. add a bunch of minutes xxx …end with a DateB result in numbers… and only after that…you can convert it back to a readable Date format like : dd/mm/yy.
thats what was done in this Topic : Help : StarTIME +60 = funny Endtime 🤔

or you had another result in mind ?

*if there is no “calculated Property” in Adalo/Collection I don’t think you can automate this without using some action/button…