Sudden lag with editor

Did anyone else’s editor suddenly start lagging in the past hour or two? Although speed can always be better, I have said before and will reiterate again that the speed for the editor had improved some since their performance upgrade. Where before I could only type a single line of text before it lagged out, said I was disconnected and my computer started running hot, plus moving screens and components around was extremely slow, a few days after the upgrade I could type an entire paragraph without much issue and move things around in moderately real-time.

And that somewhat better state has been stable ever since.

But today, it seems we’re reversing course. The app I’m currently piddling with I just started earlier, and it has five screens with content (mostly just text and some pictures) - haven’t even gotten to lists yet, and two other blank screens. And everything is noticeably slower than it had been.

So, am I the only one? Or can others attest to similar slowness starting today?

I’m having issues in the editor where components that are hidden, are suddenly visible, and I have not option but to actually delete them for them not to show up.

And in some places I had random “sections” added to my screens.

And my editor crashed twice a few hours ago, which never happened before.

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