Text editor lags & buggy. Are there updates coming?

If I type more than 1-2 words, the editor lags severly. If I type more than 6-10 words at a time, it takes almost a minute to load. If I type anything more than 10 words, it freezes altogether and I have to restart Adalo completely.

If I click anywhere in the editor, and any directional key the cursor does what it wants (normally jumps to top). If I have more than 1 line in the text editor, no directional arrow will move up a line, will only stay on the line its on unless I click to another line.

If I type one letter every two seconds its fine, but anything faster than that it lags heavily.

It works with patience. lol.

I ended up doing anything longer than a few words in notepad and pasted over. It’s just really weird the text editor lately. lol.

I can provide a video of what I’m experiencing if no one else is experiencing this.

Hi @marklive some people I’ve read in the forums other loading issues of the editor. Some mentioned switching to Firefox and that the response time of the editor was improved. Worth a shot.

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