Sum list calculated values

My question is simple. I got a Jobs collection on wich I have Area and Price per Area fields.
I am showing both fields on a list and I am also showing a text with the Job Amount (that is Area x Price).
Is there a way to calculate the total amount? I mean sum the field that is calculated on each list row without putting it as a collection field?

edit - sorry misread your post.
Yes, under the list place some text and add some magic text.
Find the field you need in the magic text menu and choose SUM.

I think you did not understand or I did not explain well. What I am trying to sum is not a collection field but its a list item.

Hi @oswaldoguerra27

Yeah a magic text outside the list will work. In the text element use a ‘Custom Formula’, then reference the fields you want to sum and multiply them together. Look for this menu in magic text for SUM function (it appears against any number field).

Example formula

I believe if you want to go deeper than 3 relationships then the functionality is limited, with no sum or avg. My guess is that this is to preserve resources and performance. In which case your menu will have 3 options. Like I said before, you might be better storing the multiplication when the record is created and doing a simple SUM outside of the list, rather than doing it when the list is loaded.

Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 09.11.03

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Hi @Rozza !
Thanks for your patience!
I am sending a screenshot.
As you can see, the values in the list depends on the two inputs outside the list. Thats why I cannot store it in a collection.
Sorry about my english.

This is how my list looks like:

No worries,
the formula option is down at the bottom. Check this screenshot

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