Simplest question

Please help me in very simple example.
I have one collection with 3 numeric fields.
Two fields is updated from form by user.
But application must calculate SUMM of these 2 property and save it data to field 3 . It simplest db operation

But Ithen I try prepare Automatic field in form - I can’t find value of these two field for summarize new Value 3. I find - SUMM , AVERAGE , MIN , MAX … but no value Field1 and Field2 , as result I can’t calculate Field3

in the form you can add a action to add them up

Hello, in order to establish this calculation that you have mentioned before, it should not be using the form component, it should be using text inputs and then you can add the formula.

Thank you!

You Can Actily Do it With Out by updating the New Creation with out creating your own form

Thanks I resolve that question , because make action for summarize data. Thanks !!!
Next simple question.
I do not understand Why when try I enter new data to previous record, then I don have option move(edit) to all record in base.
For example I have old customer ( number 10 from 100 ). How I can change her record - how I can receive access to record number 10 for edit data ( copy or move data from another record ) ???
If you have answer to that simple question - then I can full manipulate data like DB – and this is IMPORTANT for many people.

Thanks again to [GrantWoods] and ALI-BAZZI

Hi @Andrew3,

In order to be able to change certain record in the collection, you need to have an access to it. This means on a particular screen you need to have Current “something” (e.g. Current Product, Current Order, Current Item, etc etc).
To access Current record, you need to have a list somewhere on one of the previous screens. The simplest example will look like: a screen with a list of Products → action on the list to move to another screen → on this screen you will have Current Product and you can read / edit data in this record.
I highly recommend looking here Lists - Adalo Resources to understand the principles.

Best regards, Victor.

NB: I’m not talking about “hacky” methods to access a certain record in the collection as I believe this is not the case.

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