Supabase - External Data Collection

Is anyone using supabase as an external data source. I have tried xano, but supabase seems to have better pricing. I tried to connect it to Adalo but kept getting errors.


I know @Erik has used this with Adalo

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And also Erik did some videos too! He can help you here!


Thanks for the fast response guys. I will have a look at the YouTube video.

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My screen looks very different to the one on the video tutorial. I don’t have the option of adding a body. I can only add headers and queries.

You need to create a new mobile app if you are using the external users beta. When creating, I believe under ‘advanced settings’ you can choose to use the external users beta. If this option is missing, you may need to enable developer mode under your Adalo account settings.


Thanks, I missed that bit in the tutorial.

But I have just learnt that we can’t upload images from adalo to supabase or any other external db, I think.

I’ll go investigate appgyver a bit further I think.

It can be done, save it as an image temporarily on Adalo, then you can send the Adalo URL to Xano (for example) and Xano would upload it. I haven’t used Supabase but I’d be surprised if there isn’t a similar method. Or use Amazon S3 etc and reference the URL.

Thanks again.

Ok I’ll give that a go.

I also have test app with xano, I’ll try that first.

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does it work on Airtable?

Hi @pm13,
You can, for XANO you can, but it is not out of the box, I am using XANO and can do it, you need to make 2 calls in one endpoint.
When you upload an image to Adalo, you will get a reference URL from Imgix, that is what you can use to upload the images to an external Database.

Check one of my old videos Storing Media in AWS S3 with Integromat and Adalo - YouTube (Disregard my teaching methods :smiley: , still working on that, currently restructuring the channel to another), It shows the AdaloURL in around minute 3:21 and it gives instructions with Integromat but also how to send the URL after uploading the image.

I haven’t used Supabase for a while (Super fan here of XANO :)), but I will check the documentation later.

Ok so you are doing it using Integromat and S3. But there is no supabase or xano integration in integromat. Guess its some kind of a manual process?

If you check, there are HTTP Requests in the middle.

For Xano it depends: if you want to upload to S3 and send the URL to XANO, then you use an HTTP Request in integromat.
If you want to upload the image to XANO, then it takes a different process similar to previous but with an extra step (I need to make a video about this).

For Supabase, I am still checking the documentation, but I assume using the REST API should be possible:

You can the SUPABASE SWAGGER API here for supabase storage, if you want to make a playground to test yourself:

Thanks. Let me try and test it out.