Supabase - Filter Query method


I searched a lot on google, but I cannot find the method to filter for external collection database, Supabase.
I know the method for Airtable and Xano, but Supabase is not working with same method.

Is there a capable person here who knows how?

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I recently started using Adalo and encountered the same situation. Here’s how I managed to use the filters. Supabase allows the use of (operators, query parameters, and horizontal filters) on an API such as eq, lt, and is. The eq operator is likely equivalent to == (equals). For the “name” field, you should enter the column name, and for the “value” field, use “eq.value” (including the operator and without the quotation marks).

adalo filter

supabase api

Also you can sort by ascending or descending (0 to 9 or A - Z, etc) puting in the value the column name and asc or desc. (created_at.desc).