Super news. incoming call notifications work very well. thank you garli̇k.i̇o fami̇ly

Hello there.
First of all, we had this problem for 3 days. A big thank you to Mr. Tyler Mills for introducing the video calling feature to us app developers at Adalo. They did a lot of hard work on incoming call notifications today with their best and effort and it was completely resolved. now everything works better and nicer as before. Thank you for trying to help us along the way. The problem has been completely resolved and it gives us great pleasure to work with the family while practicing with adalo.

I wanted to share this good news with you.

If you want to add video calling feature to your application and want users to video chat with each other, visit they actually worked for us for 3 days because the notifications were not working. and now they have made incoming call notifications work smoothly. and a company that always helps its customers.

I would like to thank tyler mills and the family, the video call provider, who have always helped us since we had this problem. @tylerssn

Yours truly


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I am very happy to receive this news from you. Now I am very happy to offer the video calling feature to users. I hope I will finish soon and publish my app. thank you for solving adalo notification issue @tylerssn

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Oh nice. Happy to hear this news. :innocent:

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thank you dilon. really great news :blush:

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