Super SLOW Desktop Web APP

Hi, I recently loaded about 2000 records with 12 columns in my DB and my desktop web app is too slow, just by putting a simple list with 2 data and not even with a couple of filters it does not load faster, even the initial screen that has no data takes a long time to appear.

Any of you have had a problem of this type, I have tried to use the pre-loader, but it does not improve, I even read the recommendations given by @Victor in one of his comments about this issue, but it still does not improve the speed of my desktop Web APP.

5 screens
5 buttons with a couple of actions
-Lists not refreshing automatically
-Lists that load as the user scrolls
-Does not use external APIs

If you have any help comments I would appreciate it.

Hola, recientemente cargue cerca de 2000 registros con 12 columnas en mi BD y mi desktop web app está demasiado lenta, solo con poner una lista simple con 2 datos y ni siquiera con un par de filtros logra cargar más rápido, inclusive la pantalla inicial que no tiene datos tarda en aparecer.

Alguno de ustedes ha tenido un problema de este tipo, he intentado usar el pre-loader, pero no mejora, incluso leĂ­ las recomendaciones que daba @Victor en uno de sus comentarios acerca de este tema, pero sigue sin mejorar la velocidad de mi desktop Web APP.

5 pantallas
5 botones con un par de acciones
-Listas que no se refrescan automáticamente
-Listas que se cargan conforme el usuario desplaza
-No usa APIs externas

Si tienen algĂşn comentario se los agradecerĂ­a.

Hi Fercho, have you been trying just now or this has been the case for a while? I think the servers may be slow right now, I can’t access the previewer.

Hi @theadaloguy ,thanks for replying, I made it over the week and loaded the DB over the weekend, since then it is almost impossible to access.

Speed is one of the most important factor that helps users do their work in a limited time without irritation. You Don’t Use SVGs on your pages.

Instead of using a “Simple List”, I recommend creating a Custom List and enabling this:

Hi @Flawless thanks for the recomendations is exactly what i did at the beginnig, But still slow.

Hi @vajidkhan thanks for your reply, and welcome to the best community.

I don’t use any SVG on the proyect.

ÂżAny idea?

You can possibly do some bug checking and optimization to try to improve the performance of your app. Based on what I’ve learned, I would recommend checking the following:

  • Minimize visibility actions.
  • Reduce the number of actions on the buttons.
  • Check for missing link errors
  • Check if there are no binding errors or missing bindings in the actions of magic texts.
  • Enable lazy loading in custom lists
  • If your app uses images and videos, use hosting from a third party such as AWS.
  • Shrink the database (especially many-to-many relationships) as much as possible.
  • Instead of a screen having a lot of content, it is better to have more screens and each one of them has little content.
  • Reduce or rather avoid actions when the user looks at the screen.

All this, and something else that I’m sure I’m missing, affects performance. It doesn’t matter if the app has 2 screens, the load will always be affected. It also says that Adalo is experiencing problems lately. I hope this is useful and helps you in some way.

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Hi guys,
Are your apps still slow?

I have the same problem. my web app is toooo slow I have several DB but usually with 50 items, but 0ne with 500. I need help.

The speed defiantly is improved from the latest optimizations, however there is still lag after a CRUD action fires. Though it is not a long delay it is enough that speed users are effected.Like people who know the app well enough to go in and tap tap tap.

I have checked your query But there is no alternative to solve your problem . But you can use custom list instead of simple list. I recommended you to go the flawless solution. Its best for you.

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Hello everone HAPPY NEW YEAR :two::zero::two::three: :tada: , after almost a year my WPA is still a turtle, I was really hoping that Adalo had solved the biggest problem that afflicts everyone.

The new plans are just as slow in data processing? I am a Legacy user but I dread the thought of the slowness.

:star: Best wishes Adalomakers :star: