TODAY IS THE DAY! Introducing the first Creative App for Adalo 🔥

During lockdown here in Melbourne, I have plenty of free time and was looking at what side gigs to work on. I thought of upgrading the popular resource that I launched last year DESIGNX UI marketplace .

I received enough sales to inspire me to continue this side gig and really just verify the idea. I have several feedbacks to share a few like:

  1. It is hard to edit icons especially when it has too many vector paths.
  2. “I love it but to have a video background for $19 is too steep”
  3. “Are there more and how can we always have quick link access to it? To grab it easily and paste it into the projects I am working on.”

So without further adieu, I am introducing the DESIGNX Creative App. A very affordable subscription app for all your creative resources. Made in Adalo for Adalo. (FYI I am not part of the Adalo Team or claiming to be :rofl:)

Watch the first look at the actual Creative App:

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 5.09.02 pm

Join today it’s just $5.95 USD. ALL-ACCESS AND EVERYTHING IS ALL IN!
I will be adding more SVG icons , all production-ready!

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 5.13.21 pm

I am sharing my workarounds and cool UI ideas here so everyone can access and build amazing digital experiences! I invited some users here for Beta Testing access and so far, so good they all love it! HUGE SHOUTOUT to the first round of testers, this is all for you!


I will add one-month free subscription to the first 20 users who will subscribe to DESIGN X Creative App! That’s a promise :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Something new I added today!
SVG for logos or icons :star_struck:

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Animated video previews templates…


and you showing a static image. How about a demo app or a video with the stuff you selling?

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Quick preview of DESIGNX Creative App for Adalo.


Wow Brilliant work @TORCH :star_struck: :star_struck:

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This is awesome! Great work, @TORCH


I appreciate the love guys, thanks! :pray:

New on DESIGNX Creative App , a handy project when you need SVG payment iconset :raised_hands:
And animations that you can use on your next cool app!
Check it out folks! (Thanks to all the users who signed up already!)

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I canceled my membership 3 months ago but you continue to charge me @TORCH. I love what you’re doing but I have little need for the service given the design assets provided are pretty limited at the moment. After canceling my service twice now you continue to charge me. I would hate to take this matter up with my bank as a fraudulent charge and force a chargeback as fraudulent activity and causing issues with your payment processor. There’s been no follow-up by you or your team regarding my cancellation and apparently no support process after signup. Feels scammy. Please advise.

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Bro, what is your email address that you used on the DesignX?
Because Adalo uses Stripe everything is encrypted and I can’t obviously know what is your DesignX email and the email you used on stripe.

I sent you a DM. I really don’t have a record of your cancellation. And like I said you could have DM me 2months ago.