Swipe splash screen

Hello guys,

do you know is there option to build swipeable splash screen so we can display basic intro info without buttons.

Here is example:

I’ve tried to use horizontal list but there seems to be a problem with option to just swipe one time to show next screen.

Hi @gskrypka,

I don’t think you can do swipe actions with the built-in Adalo components… but as I think this could be done by building custom component.

@James_App_Maker @Michael @Complab @Mitch-Pragmaflow what do you think?

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for the tag @Victor. I’ll send you a DM @gskrypka
We (NoCode Monkey) should be able to put together what you’re looking for.


Thanks :slight_smile: Let’s continue it in DM.

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This looks pretty easy looking at the article :slight_smile: To make your life easier @gskrypka, I would suggest making a custom component for this instead of building out the functionality in Adalo itself. You can learn how to make the custom components with React Native or hire a developer to do it like @Michael

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