Switch between 2 languages

Hi, is there is anyway I can create app that give access to users to switch between languages, looking to create an app with two languages ( English / Arabic ), please advise. Thanks

We don’t currently have any easy way to do multi-language. You’d need to create two versions for each screen.


…Or you can have a DB with different languages and all the phrase stored there. The user can then choose the language and it will link the user table to the set language. Then you would look up language on each page and print the string from chosen language. This would require a lot of DB requests tho!

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I guess this will be the only solution for now, Thanks

Hi Aymanz, … since then …have you gone through duplicating every pages for your languages needs or opted for a Db solutions …or else ?

SALAM Ayman,

Have you uplaod any app to app store or google store with Arabic language and did it work without any problem?

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