Switch not showing any Properties

Hello I have installed the Switch component, but when I add it to my screens the component wont pickup any collections/properties to work with. I have TrueFalse table entry on my collection - any guidance will be helpful. I am only of the Free account for testing, will this make a difference? as will the component only work for paid accounts?

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 14.37.07

Hi @dasuksta,

In order for the switch to work, you need to have a boolean (True/False) property from some collection available on that exact screen with the switch. It is the same with the Toggle component.

For testing, you can add some True/False property to your Users collection (which is accessible on all screens) and see if this property appears in the switch.

As I know, external components don’t depend on whether the account is free or paid.

Hi @Victor
Thanks for the reply & clarity on free/paid - I progressed forward a few screens and when returning back the initial the properties were showing… must be some cache/connection issue.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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