Switch to Adalo 2.0 or not? Is it Faster?

I have a project on an old version of Adalo (Legacy Builder).
Tell me if it makes sense to switch to Adalo 2.0 if I do not use the desktop version, but only use the mobile version?
First of all, the question of speed of Adalo 2.0 is of interest. Are native apps built on Adalo 2.0 faster than native apps built on the old version (Legacy Builder) of Adalo?
If so, if apps run faster on Adalo 2.0, then for the sake of speed, I will definitely switch to it, despite the fact that I will have to face difficulties, such as changing the settings of each component on 80 screens of my app.
Please share your experience and advice. Since speed is the most important issue for me. The application slows down a lot and users are not happy. Therefore, I am ready to start the process of switching to Adalo 2.0 in order to increase the speed, but only if the speed is really better there.

A very interesting question. I join you! For those who develop an application for the phone and for the desktop - everything is more or less clear.
But for those who make only Mobile versions - whether it makes sense to switch to Adalo 2.0 is not clear.
And I couldn’t find any recommendations from the Adalo…
Therefore, I wonder if Adalo 2.0 has received a new improved engine that is able to make mobile applications work faster? Or the speed is the same in the old and in the new versions.
I would not like to spend a lot of time moving to Adallo 2.0 and making new settings for each component - for the sake of such an experiment.
Maybe Adalo will give a recommendation? Or maybe some of the users have already moved to Adalo 2.0 and can share their experience?

Right now I have to start a new mobile-only app and for the moment I think I’m going to go with the Legacy version.
But this decision is only based on the time it will take me to do it with Adalo 2.0, because I have to spend more time on each screen.
I don’t think there is a difference in performance but I imagine someone from @adalo will be able to help us with this doubt.
If you already have an app developed I think it makes no sense to switch to 2.0 unless you want that app to also be webapp on desktop or tablet.

Hi @Geoappsit @Ivan2 and @breadflix.es Did you ever get any wiser on this topic?
Im about to start a new project as well. Might be relevant to be able to use on the computer some time in the future, but I dont want to compromise the native app experience if that is a risk.

Thank you guys