Will I loose native feel or UX if choosing "Responsive App" (Adalo 2.0) over "Mobile Only" for a new project?


I’ve made mobile only application and want to create a second project that is primarily intended as a native mobile app as well. I can see the need to allow users to access the application from the laptop in the future, so it would make sense to choose the Responsive App.

My question is - is the user experience the same on a Native App (is the code even actually the same?), or will I give up something if I choose to build the application using the Responsive App (Adalo 2.0) instead of the mobile only (legacy)?

Thanks a lot :pray:

I am building a new app on 2.0 and noticed some problems with the UI
First I see that in some cases visibility condition is delayed for a bit, like if you have some component that suppose to be hidden based on the screen initially conditions… once entering the screen this component will be visible for fractions of a second then it will disappear

Second thing also in some cases when having many components on 1 screen, initially components will start showing on miss arranged places, and will take fraction of a second for components to be aligned properly

I am still looking into both cases and not sure exactly if they happen for a specific reason or it is just like that

But still I will keep using 2.0 just to be future proof since it seems like new features are not going to be added to legacy

Also such issues should be fixed by Adalo eventually at some point