Connect Toggle to Notification SubGroups

Hey there. I need help with the toggle component.

  1. How do I make the toggle show true for all users as a default?
  2. How do I link toggle to user database? So, then each user can subscribe to subgroups to receive notifications. Currently, I have properties for each of the toggles in the user database (youth, children, women’s department, ect.) but when individual user click on toggle it does not check off the ones that they subscribe to.
  3. User relationship that I have from the Notification Subscription Group, tallies the unmarked boxes as the ones that the user subscribed to/ marking unmarked boxes true.
  1. On the signup button you would need to add an extra action for “update logged in user” and set that true/false property to true.

  2. There is some documentation about “favorite” function that may explain this better for you.

  3. I don’t understand the question here, sorry.

Thanks Colin.

  1. I have now made the signup button “update logged in user” where I set all the notification subgroups as “true” …I believe that is what you meant.

  2. I will look into the favorite documentation you sent.

  3. To clarify my third question, for my list with toggles, I have an action that update users notification subgroup and for the relationship I have “add current notification subgroup.” When I go to the user database, I notice that it adds the unchecked toggles meaning it records that the user wants to subscribe to the notification subgroups that are uncheck, but in actuality I would want the user database to add the toggles that are checked. How can I resolve this?

For some reason I am still not able to understand your requirements here. Perhaps we could have a short 15min call to go over it together.

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Hi @XLteam,

Just a small comment about toggle’s logic: toggle component is directly connected to the True/False property in the database collection. I.e. checking/unchecking toggle changes the property value to True/False immediately.

Thanks the call today. IT WORKS!

  1. Is there a way I can have all of the dropdown options selected when a user sign-up?
  2. After selecting items in the dropdown, if the user returns to the dropdown I see that the user no longer sees the options once selected. It remains in the database, but it would be helpful if the user sees previous selected at well. Is there a way to keep the selected checkboxes from the dropdown visibly checked for the user?

Glad it worked :slight_smile:

  1. You could try just adding multiple update user actions on the signup process but it may slow it down as it would need to execute each action sequentially before it processes the signup.

  2. That doesn’t seem possible right now. I guess that functionality would fall in between the toggle function and the multiselect function.

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