Switched Platforms to publish app and error for Testflight build

We had an app built from another company years ago and currently switched platforms to build another app through our apple developer account through Adalo. We have successfully published an before but now it is reading an error during testflight build. I increased the number to be greater and don’t know why there is an error. Can someone help?

Hey, normally this should all work ok if the bundle ID, and Apple AppStore Connect details match. I would suggest sending a support ticket. It could be something on the back end needing manually changed.

Hello and thank you for your response,

I submitted a support ticket but they did not recognize my email as it
has changed. The email that was initially associated with my account is
no longer active. I have already switched it in the settings; however,
adalo still recognizes my old email and responded with the following

"Thank you for reaching out to Adalo Support!
Based on the email you provided, you’re not currently subscribed to one
of our plans that receives email support. As a small team, we are unable
offer you one-on-one support at this time. If you are on our Starter,
Professional, Team, or Business plan — please submit your ticket the
email address associated with your subscription.

But don’t worry; we got you covered! If you’ve got a question about
what’s possible with Adalo (and what’s not), check out our FAQ here :point_down:"

Can you or someone please help this is an internal issue and not apple.

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