Switching between multiple carts

I need to have multiple carts that a user can switch between. At any given time, there is only one active cart, but you can change the “active” cart at any time. I thought I’d look at the Adalo Food Truck template, but it only allows one “order” at a time, so there is no need to define an active cart. It’s just the one that is created in the workflow. And if you start over, it orphans your last order, never to be seen again. No help.

So I created a relationship field in the user collection where I can store the one “active” cart. Show of hands if you would have done it this way?!?! Here’s where it gets frustrating. Much has to key off this one field. There is a screen that shows your active cart. There is also, of course, the need to add new items to the active cart.

Problem is, Adalo is not very cooperative when trying to “do” things with the active cart. The worst offender is the screen where I need to show basic stuff about the active cart (name, etc). I tried a list where the cart is the same as the user’s active cart.

Nope. It is so very unreliable. It kind of works, as it will do as intended… until you change the active cart to something else. Then it can take a long time (if not never) to be reflected on that screen (even if you leave it and come back). Sure, I can refresh the web app or re-launch the native app and that does the trick. But that’s no good.

Has anyone ever tried multiple carts like this? Or even more generically, have an “active” something… anything… that is tied to the user, and give them the ability to change that selection and have the desired effect?

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