Tab Bar / App Bar changes globally


is there a way that you can setup your header/app bar and footer tab bar in a way that any changes are made on all Screens? Or do you need to change each Screen’s top and bottom navigation every time you wanna change one button or link etc?

Unfortunately yes you must change on each screen. This would be great if you could group things, and if you change one group they all change.

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Interesting. Thanks for your answer. This would make life much easier, not only for bars, but for anything you wanna show at more than one place.

There’s an upvoting for this here Reusable Elements | Voters | Adalo but it seems old and still not on the way to be implemented.

Copy pasting bars etc sometimes is not much work, but having all in mind where to change what after the app becomes more complex is quite of an issue if you want to avoid mistakes/missing changes/etc…

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