Tab Bar Navigation Universal (One across screens)

Hiya guys, is it possible yet to create one tab bar (bottom of the app page) that’s universal across all pages? (Instead of copying) The reason I ask is that in a lot of commercial apps, the tab bar is locked and the subsequent pages slide underneath them. The way Adalo has currently is that each page replaces the tab bars during transitions. I find my apps to be a jarring experience in comparison to other commercially available ones.

Would love to hear any suggestions.


Hey there @tbel

There is no way to create a universal app bar.

I find that the “None” transition looks the best when using a Tab Bar menu as it looks & feels more seamless than the slides/floats/push transition.

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Yeah I’m actually finding that as well, started the process to remove the transitions, and as a result the app is feeling much more responsive and snappier.

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Hello, I love the front design… all the apps I make are without any transition and modal from bottom to top like instagram… that generates more order, better visibility, the user doesn’t get dizzy with so many movements…

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