Tab bar (Navigation component) query

Hello all,

I have a couple of questions re the “tab bar” option in the navigation component.

FIRST: I created a tab bar (bottom of my app page) and changed it a bit to reflect the pages in my app. How can I ensure the tab bar is the same for all pages? Is there a way for me to “lock” the app bar so when I drag and drop it on to other pages, the same bar always shows?

SECOND: How do I get a little pop up on the “…more” option in the tab bar? When my users click on “…more”, I want them to see a 2/3 extra options for them to navigate into.

Many thanks

Not yet - you have to copy/paste and make sure that you re-link the tab for whichever page you did it on first.

You could create a new screen with a clear background and just a simple rectangle where you want the popup to be. Set the action on the clear background rectangle to be ‘back’, so if anyone clicks off it, they aren’t confused. Set the transition to (none), so it just appears, and set out your options on that screen.

For this one, the screen will be the same for every page, because every page will be loading your popup screen.

Thanks dosandco. Much appreciated.