Take a screenshot

Is it possible to somehow trigger a screenshot to be taken on the app?
I want the user to save an image of whats shown on the app by clicking a button.

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You may look at this!

App screenshot with transparent background - Help - Adalo

Thanks, but I need to add an action to allow the user to take a screenshot by clicking a button (i.e. if they are not technical enough to know how to take a screenshot manually on their phone).

So you want action in your button to screenshot your app?

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Yes, exactly that. I want to trigger a screenshot of the app, while a user is using it. This could be by pressing a button.

As of now, Adalo doesn’t have any internal way to make this working, but if you used any API it may allow it to work, as if now I searched whole internet finding great API for your needs but all I found aren’t compactable with Adalo, so I may be wrong here just wait if any other person has response.

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Thanks for your effort :slight_smile:
Maybe this is just not possible.

Hi Andrius,

Using a API is not possible. Also, this is not natively possible within Adalo.

You could add it as a feature request or create a component for it (ask @Michael or other people to make it for you) if it’s possible.

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