Export an image

Hey guys!

Is there any way at all to let users “export” a part of what they see on-screen (as a PNG/JPEG)?

I’m willing to pay for such an add-on. It would be priceless for me.

Even exporting the entire screen as an image (just like a full “screenshot”) will be fine at this point…

Thank you :heart:

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What’s the difference with the user taking a screenshot?

Currently, I display a text box saying “Please take a screenshot of the section below”.

It will be a cleaner experience if I had a button that generates an actual image, instead :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

I also love this idea!

I found these two posts by Steven that may help you!

I just tried BannerBear ( Bannerbear API Reference / Bannerbear API Reference ) but in there we need a URL of that website. I think you need Deep Linking. Better Deep Linking / [Adalo Tutorial] How to Share App pages & How to use url parameters for deep linking in a Web app

Post this request in the Jobs / Freelance category and then the component developers will look that topic and will make a component for this feature if he/she can!

Thank you


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