Get text from text area and screenshot

Hi! I would like to know how can I get the text from a text area to store it in a collection and how can I take a screenshot by pushing a button. Thank you!

Hi @Estebandeath :wave:

About taking screenshots from pressing a button.

You can add it as a feature request in here or someone has to create a component for it.( You can contact a component developer @Michael @knight and others )

And can you explain a little bit getting text from a text area?

Thank you

Thank you @dilon_perera, I will do it!

About the text area, okay… I have a text into a text area, I wrote some text and made some formulas, how can I get all that text to store into a collection, I mean, I can get text from an input but how can I do the same with a text area?

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Your welcome :+1:

@Estebandeath text area means text component? Could you give me a example?

Thank you

Exactly, a text component

I have this info:
And I need to store it in a collection, is it possible?

You mean when the user click save it to the collection?

You can create a collection and store these information there.

But how can I extract the text from that text? I only see the option to extract text from an input but not from a text component

Hi @Estebandeath,

Just to clarify: where from do you take this “text area”? Is it in your Adalo app? (then I don’t really see the reason of extracting - you put it there by yourself).
Or you have some external website with text in it, and would like to scan this text and put it to your Adalo app? If yes, you will need some “scraper” to do it for you; Adalo doesn’t have the capability of scraping data from 3rd party websites. You can see if there are 3rd party services with APIs which allow doing this.

Best regards, Victor.

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