Test flight error

I am receiving failed builds for iOS, with the error of:

Could not create another Distribution certificate, reached the maximum number of available Distribution certificates.

Any way of knowing if this is this a problem on Adalo’s side, or mine? I can not get an answer out of them.

Thinking this is something you’ll have to manage on your end thru the App Store Connect control panel (see https://developer.apple.com/account/resources/certificates/list). Apple limits the certs you can have, you may need to remove some and reconfigure your settings.

Changed some things on the Apple Dev side, and now just get

Error packaging up the applicatione

You too, huh? in the full log, is there an error that says something like this:
“error: exportArchive: No “iOS App Store” profiles for team ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ matching ‘match AppStore com.appname.ios’ are installed.”

If so, create a support request from Adalo as this problem is more widespread and I’m told there’s something on their end that needs to be resolved first.

Yes, I think I’m seeing the same thing:

“Provisioning profile “match AppStore com.XXX.ios” is not an “iOS App Store” profile.”

I have a support request in to Adalo on this, but they’ve been pretty slow to respond (2+ weeks now).

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