Ios Build is failing

Getting below error while trying to start new testflight build

error: Provisioning profile “match AppStore com.llsworkforce.ios” doesn’t include the entitlement. Profile qualification is using entitlement.

I don’t know what the problem. i did as per the documentation on the Adalo.

Hi @sanjay,

It might be a good idea to submit a ticket to Adalo Support about this: Submit a Support Ticket


Hi @Victor thank you for the reply. I did submit a ticket but the team has send a link to the documentation to make the apple developer account, it’s not helpful. stuck with this for a week.

Open for suggestion.

Hey @sanjay,

That’s unfortunate that Adalo team didn’t provide resolution for this. Might be a good idea to submit a ticket again.
Alternatively, what you can do:

  • see if the issue is related to Apple Developer profile or this exact app. To check this, you’ll need to create another very simple app (only standard components) in Adalo and in Apple/Appstoreconnect, and try to make a build (you can publish this app temporarily in Adalo and then unpublish it). If the build is successful - then the issue is related to this exact app.
  • In the error log I see something about applesignin entitlement. I don’t have any information about your application, but maybe you’ve added Apple Sign-In button and you didn’t configure it correctly on the Apple side.


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Hi @victor, thank you so much for replying. It tired with simple app and it worked.

Hi @sanjay,

Well, then the issue most probably related to Apple Sign-In button - did you add the settings for it in Apple?


Yes @victor, I did that. Thank you again. Have a nice day !

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Looks like this is fairly common with the apple sign in button. Here’s a solution off the web:
I have made some changes and for the moment it is working, although I have no idea what the problem is … Maybe this is related to what happens with Facebook and company?

What I did was

Switch to my second developer account
I changed the bundlee identifier so that it was not identical to the previous one “” to “”

The error disappeared and allowed me to install the app…

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