Text colour from collection

I’ll work on it!

Share some of your features which you want!

Like just basic design or stuff and dynamic color?

Well the existing Magic Colour Rectangle does not ‘snap’ to objects as you would expect.
And it does not center objects vertically, they always sit too low.

So improve on those.

-Dotted border feature like the Adalo rectangle

-Gradient feature

-Set rounding on individual corners

-Option to expand width with according to any text component inside

-Blur layers behind 0-100 (along with opacity)

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It’s in review! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry had missed that post. Hope to try it when it’s released!

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Thanks for the support! :pray:

It’s been in review for a month and I keep sending messages to Adalo with no reply :slightly_frowning_face:

Hopefully they review it soon

Yesterday I asked @njimmy10 to make some improvements to his already excellent Dynamic Text Component.

This morning they were live!

Absolutely fantastic.


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