Hex Color code generator

Hey fam,

How do i make the colour of a rectangle change based on the username/email of a user. I want to have a different colors for different users.

I know I can input color dynamically to the colour component, But am wondering where to get the hex code from?

Or is it possible to generate color from a rand function in adalo? if yes, how do I do so?

Hi … in this web u can see the patterns

You can make a collection of colors with relationships to users, in the collection of colors an image (color photo) and a text where the color code is… you tell the user: select the color you want, update the current one there user in my color: and the color code is stored there… then in a rectangle you can put user>mycolor

Hi Paul,

Addition to Santiago’s great reply!

I found a free API that you can get a random hex colour code!

Made a video : Random Color.mp4 - Google Drive

API : https://x-colors.herokuapp.com/

Thank you

Thank you Santiago

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Thank you Dilon, you just gave me the perfect solution. Thanks again