Text component jumps up when selected

I am trying to create a check list where a group consisting of text in a rectangle is visible when the value is FALSE and is not visible once clicked on (revealing the same text in green). A check green check mark is also displayed after the user selects the grouped text in the rectangle.

While the first box does reveal the checkmark and green text after being selected, the next grouped text and rectangle seems to jump up and when it’s selected, the green text below it also jumps up.

The first image shows two check items.

The second image displays the two check items correctly in PREVIEW.

The third image is displaying what shows up after clicking on the first check item.

What I want to see is the items in their grey boxes appropriately spaced from each other and upon selecting an item it should display the selected item text in green (no box) and a green checkmark in front.

Is there an easy way of making this happen?

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