Text component not displaying

Hello community, creating a video app, so I used the custom list with the play video component, the problem is that the text component that Is supposed to display the current post username is hiding on the preview, it’s not visible on the preview… How do I solve it please??

Hi @Presh

Did you checked if that user property in the posts collection is not empty?

Thank you

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In addition to @dilon_perera response, check if the user is logged in, if they’re not, it won’t display any username.

It’s not displaying at all, it’s not just the username, but also the post description, but none of the text component is displaying

Could you add some screenshots or a video of your setup and the preview?

Does this is the same app that you added me for check this?

It’s a different app, the other project has not worked well yet, struggled to get users on it… So I’m doing a different one now, I’d add you up

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