Text Field: default value is gone after Action runs

I have a data entry screen that I built “manually” (not using a form). The screen has a dropdown Selection (Product) and a text entry field (Quantity). The text field default value is set to “1”.

Users can select an item from dropdown, enter quantity in text field and tap Save button. This fires an Action to Create and Item in database. This works great.

After the save the text field does not get it’s default value back. It does get the placeholder text, but this is no good. I want the default value in there so users don’t always have to the in a quality.

How can I reset the text field to “1” after the Action runs. I didn’t see any action steps to do this.


There is an action to ‘change input value’:

You could then choose to set the input value to ‘1’:

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Thank you very much. I didn’t see this!

But…strangely, it does not seem to be working. Its not setting my text input to “1”.

Hi @webwork - not sure why that’s happening. If this is preventing you from making progress, you could use the workaround I suggested here:

If you ‘bounce’ off this empty screen and come back, your default values will be as they should be.

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Just seen that @pfordmedia uses the same technique:

Really great videos!


thank you! this is working.

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