Force Refresh a screen - Can it be done?

Is there a way to force a screen refresh (Home page) in Adalo apps (mobile in my case). I’d like to to a refresh to clear an item after a user has marked it read.

For example - on a button click, reload/refresh the screen.

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Bit of a funky workaround, but if you navigate to a(n empty) screen, and have the action on the load of that screen take you back to the original screen, you’ll be on the original screen (refreshed) in the blink of an eye.

  1. Create a new empty screen
  2. For your action (when a user reads a message), make the last step to navigate to your new empty modal (transition mode “none”)
  3. In your new screen, on the actions for the screen itself, have it navigate you back to the page where the user read the item.

The page does flicker but it will bring you back to the right screen and your message wil be read. You could decide to use a modal on that intervening screen with a rotating gif or some sort of loading message on that modal screen so that people know what it’s doing.


Cool, I will try that out… Thanks!

Worked well for me. Thanks!

I think if you select under advanced options auto refresh you will find that the information will update without the need to use the above work around.


They released this feature recently works amazing

The Auto Refresh has been there for a while (under advanced for lists). It works a bit differently than a full screen refresh. Has here been something else added @Franklin?

I thought that the auto refresh would work for your solution but not sure refresh only a screen. Do you have another example on how you want to use this screen refresh?

Sadly, advanced options is not a choice when you are using an external collection to populate your list :frowning: