The action remove user from a relationship does not work

I have a many-to-many relationship to apply the display of a “read” icon in a conversation, which when sending a message, is added to the rest of the users, and when entering the screen or sending a message, it must remove " logged in user", but it doesn’t work. The fact is that I had this same logic not long ago (1 month or so), and it worked, and now the deletion is not applied neither when viewing the screen nor when sending a message.

Anybody knows what could be the problem?

I have done exactly the same as this tutorial but it no longer works for me.

Where do you have the action that removes the logged-in user?

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It is in 2 places: in the “action screen” (when you enter the chat screen) and in the send message button. No matter how hard I try, it is not removed from the relationship. I did the same as the video

Try to use a 1-second countdown timer on the chat screen instead. Set the visibility to sometimes visible if current conversation unread users contains the logged-in user. You can make it hidden by changing the color of the countdown to white like the background.

Set the action when the timer is finished to remove the logged-in user from the unread parameter.

Let me know if that works.

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It worked!

Thank you very much for your help @Flawless !!!

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