The application does not send push notifications

the application does not send push notifications. I don’t know where the error is. of course i am using native android application.

Did you send the last bundle/release to the android store right?

If yes, are the other actions of the button executed?

thank you for the answer. the application is not in the google store. it will only serve a small group of users. One more action is added to the button, as in the picture below. I don’t know where I go wrong. Do I need to do anything else to activate push notifications?

you have to publish it to the store or the testflight to make it work.

so I understand that without publication in the google store it will not work ??

Once you publish your app on google play or Apple store, that should work perfectly.

That is correct.
Without publishing it in the google store / testflight, the application is not a real application but will live in the broswer.
However, even the internal/closed testing in google store should be enough to make the notifications work.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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