Push notifications not working on internal testing android app

Hi everyone.
I have an app which has both android and iOS builds generated and working fine on test devices.

While I can receive push notifications on iOS via TestFlight, i was not able to receive any on android. Is there anything I should be doing to enable them as I am testing the app before publishing it on google play?

Again notifications are working fine on iOS.

Thank you all.

Check the notification permission of the app in your device first, if it’s already enabled then on the welcome screen add an action of REQUEST NOTIFICATION & after that go for the new build.

Thank you Shantanu. I actually did that already and no luck. Proof is I get notifications on iOS

@ishantanusrivastava, it just occurred to me that I never got the notification permission screen when I log into the android app - I however do on the iOS app version on the same screen. This might explain why I never receive notifications on android. I wonder if there is something missing in how to setup the app on firebase or when I upload the APK file to Google Play console.

Any idea?
Much appreciated.

Don’t know the exact issue behind it, but I would suggest you to setup your firebase project again & android setup too.

I just followed your recommendations, reinstalled the firebase project, and reset the android publish app in Adala. But no luck. When I login to an account, the “Request Notification” screen doesn’t pop on Android but does in iOS. When I check the app’s information on Android, the “Show Notification” toggle is turned on.

@Colin any idea before I file a ticket? Is there anything I should be doing on Google Plat Console maybe?

Thank you

I am having the same issue and have submitted a ticket as I could not find a solution

Thank you, @crmorris2 - I am glad I am not the only one. I will go ahead and submit a ticket as well. Let me know when you hear anything so we can share it back with the community. I will do the same.

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We are looking into this issue on the permissions action not being triggered on Android.

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