The booking system

Hello everyone, I have difficulties with the booking system.

I apologize in advance for my bad English!)

I’m making an application where you can choose a sports ground and rent by the hour.

That is, the user chooses a date and free time for this sport ground.

How can this scheme be implemented?

  1. The user chooses a sport ground
  2. Selects the date
  3. Leaves the free times of the current sports ground
  4. Selects the time (can select several hours)
  5. Books the site for the selected date and time
  6. The booked date will not be shown to other users wishing to book the current sports ground

I tried to do it, but it didn’t quite work out. That is, it is not practical and inconvenient.

Hi @zhappar01 ,

There have been discussions previously related to scheduling.

Here is an example,

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