The current location is not displayed on the Google map in the native version of the application

I ran into a problem with the “Google Map” component.

Description of the problem:
In the web version of the application, the map works correctly and when I go to the map screen, it displays my current location and objects that match the filter.
In the native version of the application, only objects are displayed, and my location is ignored (but if you zoom with your fingers, you can find your current location). Also, if none of the objects satisfies the filtering, then New York is shown instead of my location.
Sorting on the google map component: location from closest to farthest relative to the current location of the device.
Request Location Permission is on the home screen before the map screen.
Link to PWA:

To test the native version, register in the application with real mail and I will add you as a tester and send a link to this mail.
I will be grateful for help.

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