The elements alignment is off

Diagram A

Diagram B

Diagram A in the above is how I expect and how I have aligned the element in grey. Diagram B is how it is showing in the live app UI…

Is this a bug or does anyone know how to go by this? Am I doing something wrong?
Can anyone help?

This is most likely caused by the overlapping text.

When using visibility rules for displaying text on the same line depending on circumstance, the best course for design is to have that text immediately below the other text.

We understand this is not a very intuitive system and we are always trying to improve it.

Thanks, @Colin for your reply, the reason why I’m adding multiple elements on the same screen is because I can’t link certain data in the next screen. so making boolen data types determain which element to show when clicked.

I’m gonna try with external API now, and see whether I can design new screens for ever view and add the data i need. Adding multiple elements in the same screen is not a very intuitive way like you said.

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