Glitch when two buttons are in the same place


I have two buttons:

  • a grey one when the image is not uploaded (empty)
  • a blue one when the image is uploaded (not empty)

They are in the same place. But when I upload the image, the blue one move to the right.


Bonjour @francois.d,

For me in such scenarios it worked best when I place one component right above the other.

But please note, placing 2 components and making them conditionally visible isn’t easy due to layout specifics and always require a bit of work.

Cordialement, Victor

Thanks @Victor. The button are above one another. That’s the issue, the button move to the right…
I don’t understand what you mean about the visibility. You don’t suggest to do what I do?

Hi @francois.d,

To be honest, keeping proper layout when you have components with “sometimes visible” properties (showing and hiding), and if you want these components to “replace” each other, is quite difficult.
For example, in the almost empty screen this is how your button example worked for me:

The problem here is that in the other screen this layout most probably will not work. So it is always trial and error before you find the suitable layout.

So I don’t know a universal solution, sorry. :frowning:

As for me, I have decided to avoid UX designs which needs to change the color of the same element :frowning:


It worked! I didn’t understand the first time, I placed one component right above the other :stuck_out_tongue:

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