The stopwatch keeps making my app freeze. (major issue)

I have a screen with a stopwatch component (a vanilla Adalo stopwatch). If I start the stopwatch and then switch apps (keeping my Adalo app open but just not in memory), when I come back to my Adalo app the stopwatch is still running (correctly) but I can’t pause it or press any other buttons on that page. The app is totally frozen at this point. I would share screen shots but it’s hard to capture a frozen screen.

In particular: when I switch apps while on any screen that does NOT have a stopwatch on it, everything is fine. AND, when I switch apps from a screen with a stopwatch on it things are fine AS LONG AS the stopwatch is not running. However, if I start the stopwatch and leave the app (for a couple minutes), then the app will be frozen when I return even though the stopwatch is still running.

Anyone else see this? This is a pretty MAJOR and urgent issue for my app, any help would be appreciated!

Note: Importantly, the freezing seems to only occur if I’ve left the app for a couple minutes (or more).
Another Note: After further testing, it seems to be the case that once the stopwatch has a sufficiently high value (e.g. more than a minute or two), then switching apps for ANY amount of time will mean that the adalo app is frozen when I return. Also seems to be fine in preview mode on my iphone — the issue occurs when testing the native app with testflight.

This is highly reproducible and a MAJOR issue with this very basic component and would appreciate a swift response from @Adalo_CXTeam since this issue is singlehandedly and rapidly encouraging me to leave adalo due to the presence of major bugs on several basic components.

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