App Freezing and linking to incorrect screens

When I click certain screens to create posts, the app freezes and links to the splash screen. All buttons and possible groups and components have the correct links embedded into them. All actions in the adalo system are correct. However, when I click the post screens the whole app routes to the wrong screen and it doesn’t let me go back or exit the screen.

This is not the correct screen and it only loads on half the page. Clearly a bug within the code, not sure if anyone has come across it. Everyone should repetitively tap their apps buttons and see if they freeze as well

Other makers have seen this. Turning instant navigation off (you can do this by clicking the three dots next to “Click Actions” above the actions) can solve it.

If you still experience this, please submit a Ticket for further review.

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Hi, I dont see the three dots next to click actions in my account or above the actions. Is there any way you can send me a screenshot of where to look?

I think the option to turn it off only shows up if there are more than 2 actions

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