Not understanding the update action

I have a button that creates a new record(blank record) and sends me to another page to fill in the fields for that record, then a button to UPDATE the current record. I’m not sure the benefit of doing it this way but that is how I was instructed to set it up. The problem is, when I made a copy of my app and tried to replicate this, I changed a few things around and now the UPDATE action does not show me the ‘current record’ that I’m trying to update, it only shows me the logged in user. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

I also went back to the original app and tried to replicate the update action and could not get it to replicate the way it was originally set up, updating the current record.

What are the parameters that allow you to update a record and not. Everyone in the forums says you can always update the user collection, but I don’t want to update the user, I want to update the current record that was just created, which is not in the users collection.

Hi @emils ,

Just assuming with your explanation.

You can choose update new [collection name] if you put this action after create action.

It does not give me that option, I have created a button with 2 actions, create a record of a collection and link to the next page. The next page has a custom form to fill in all the data that was not filled in with the original ‘create’ action. When I created a button to ‘update’ the record, it does not give me the option to update anything except logged in user. I want to update the record that was just created on the previous page with the original create button. Why is it not showing me anything except logged in user? Is my explanation making sense?

Can you show screenshots ?

When you want to update collection, usually in previous screen you use list to link to next screen.

If you just link to next screen without list, no data sent to next screen.

Hi, I was able to fix it. The Problem was that I was having two different sources link to the same page and adalo was confused so it was not giving me the option to update the record which was previously created on a prior page.

I had a button creating a record and linking to a new page but the new page also had a link from another button on a different page, so two arrows were going to that page and it would not show me the Current Record when I tried updating the new page.

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