Multiple users filling out a form

Hi, I’m getting close to finishing my app and I need some help creating a form that two users fill out. I need to make it so that one user fills out a portion of the form and the other user fills out the other part and then they both need to sign it. It’s basically a liability form that both users need to have access to and it needs to have a relationship to the listing. If anyone has any suggestions or youtube videos to point me towards that would be great.


I’m not sure how Adalo handles updating the same record concurrently.

Just have duplicate fields.
Ie User1Name, User2Name, User1Signature, User2Signature
Build it and see, report back to us on your findings. I’d be interested to know.

Collection of ‘Forms’ with a relationship to ‘Parties’ and ‘Listing’
The counterparts fill out the same info and the information is stored in the ‘Parties’ collection.

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