The volume of the plyr component does not work properly

browser: chrome latest, firefox latest, Edge latest

There are three problems.

  1. When I use the mouse to control the plyr volume in the preview screen of the desktop app, it reverts to the default volume by itself.

2.When I play a video in the preview screen of the Edge browser, the sound keeps playing even if I press the stop button.

  1. When I do full screen and un-full screen on both apps in the preview screen of the phone and desktop, it returns to the default volume. The volume control works fine on my phone, but as soon as I turn it to fullscreen, the volume changes to loud.

Hello @shibuya!

Sorry to hear that you have issues with our component.

Can you capture a video with the enabled Browser’s console, please? I cannot replicate these issues.

I’ve checked it out and confirming that issue. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for providing detailed scenarios!

I found the cause of the bug.
The plyr component seems to revert to the default volume in various actions.
I don’t speak English, so here is what I noticed.

The Edge bug was not reproduced.
The bug occurred on both phones and desktops.

1.The plyr component by itself does not cause the problem.

2.When I use the auto-refresh function of items in the list component, the page back action, the development tools, etc., it returns to the default volume as if it were in full screen operation.

It seems to be an external factor.
I also found a new bug.

  1. When pushing a page, the previous screen is still playing. Volume is still audible on the next page. (Abnormal)
    If the user returns to the first page while the second page video is playing, the previous video stops playing (normal).

  2. The local storage volume is not changed when the user changes the volume. It always stays at the default setting of 1 and needs to be adjusted every time.


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I noticed:

  1. When pushing a page, the previous screen is still playing. Volume is still audible on the next page. (Abnormal)

for me it happens when I open up a modal screen (slide up action) which partly hides the Plyr component when opened, but I didn’t pay it any thought until you pointed it out… so thanks for mentioning it. I’ll keep in in mind for future projects ちょっとおかしい :thinking:

I forgot to reply directly.

Thanks so much for the additional details!
We can push updates within 3 weeks.

Hey guys,
I provide an update today.


We have been trying to fix that issue without any luck.
The reason why it keeps playing a video - that’s because the screen still exists, and it is under the new screen.
At the moment, there is no method for us to detect when a screen changes to stop a playable video. I’ve created a feature request:

If you have time, please upvote it.

Regarding other little issues. We push some fixes in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you.
What did you update three days ago?
All the bugs still seem to be alive and well.

There is no update yet. I’ll keep you in touch.


Pushing updates the next week.

Thank you for the quick response.
Is that a partial fix? Or a complete fix?

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