"Time" of running to input on database

Hello, I am making an app for people can input the “time” as a score of running. Currently, it looks Adalo can support only “number”.

For example, even though I would like to input “20:15.1” as a score of running for 5km, I cannot input such like this, also this cannot be displayed by chart.

Now, I am writing “20.15” as a number for this case. Is there anyway to solve this problem?

Can you just make it a text field in stead of a number field?

Thank you for your help!
Because “text” cannot be defined as a “time”, I cannot make any chart based on that text input. I finally would like to show the chart, running score as “y axis” and date as “x axis”.

Hi @Katsu.Wa ,

My suggestion would be to have 3 numbers fields in the collection and use 3 text inputs that represents minutes, seconds and miliseconds.

User can fill the text inputs and use a button to do action update that collection for those 3 numbers field with these 3 text inputs.

Then when you want to put them into single number field for displaying in chart, you could multiply that minutes field with 1000, so the numbers will be shifted to the left, then multiply seconds with 10 (this is assuming that miliseconds is only 1 digit), then add them all together and put into additional number field.


Hi @Yongki
Thanks for your great idea! I will try the way you suggested! :laughing:

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