Timer that doesn't reset with app close

I am using the countdown timer in my app, but every time I close the app it resets. Is there a way to make it constantly run. I want a timer to start when a user completes an action and I want it to run until it hits 0

Hi @LoneWolf,

To start with: Countdown Timer runs in the app context. If the app is open → timer runs. When app is closed → timer doesn’t exist → timer doesn’t run.

If you’d like to restore the timer condition when the app is opened next time, you need somehow to recalculate the number of seconds for a timer every time you open the app. This video can be useful:

Also, another video about how to pause countdown: https://youtu.be/VEXxzOHEsQQ.
This is useful to understand the logic of working with timer.


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