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Hello. In my application I am using the Countdown plugin. If the time expires, then the plugin sends the user to page “B”, but if the user manages to click on the button, then he gets to page “A”. On this page, the user must perform other actions without time limits. The problem is that time keeps running out on page “A” as if it’s still a countdown page and the user is taken to page “B”. I don’t know how to disable the plugin on other pages. Please help solve this problem.

Hi @AndrewV ,

Use hidden input field, assign this input as A on screen A, and whenever it goes to screen B assign B, to do this you can set action change input value at when visit screen level.

Then at the countdown, set visibility according to this input value, so when on screen B, this visibility will not be triggered.

Or if you want to just perform once, you can add additional action with conditional, if value=B, then input=C, which means countdown isn’t triggered.

Thanks for your reply, Yongki.
If I understand correctly, the fact is that when the countdown plugin is invisible, it stops working. So we need to make it invisible when we get to another page. We achieve this by writing values in the Input field.
Here is the application (cloneable) -

If you don’t mind, take a look at it to see if I followed your advice correctly.


I have updated the app here,

I move the input fields to the first screen, so it can retain the value.

Thanks, you helped a lot. Another way to make the counter invisible (which I used) is to create a Stop Countdown field in the database.

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